Self Summary 

Sensory sensitive,birthparent, two wheeled, surveyor of weird visuals, Writer of dreams, goth dancer, dirt path road walker, Water watcher, earth with lots of fire sign, Caregiver of wounds and restless minds. I’m a suite of hearts, sometimes a spade, clubs and diamonds make up an equal spread. I’m looking for the heat where fireflys live, […]

We transfolks deserve better than what they are offering; Scarcity in the realm of healthcare.

So I want to speak again about us talking about our surgeons in a constructive criticism (or down right displeasure) kind of way. Or praise. But mostly I want to talk about the former. I’ve worked in healthcare as a medical assistant for almost 3 yrs now. During that time I have worked at healthcare […]

1.10.5 — Scenes from a Queer Life

Remember when Dorothy, running away from home she got hit over the head in the storm. Maybe that’s what we all need—a good bonk and a Technicolor dream. To go deep inside and greet the munchkins one by one. We are all of us just chock full of chattering little people and evil flying monkeys, […] […]

shelleys other…

We must create new story, stor-ease, stories of ease-y, disease of story…. the concept of other will not be dealt its fatal blow until we do.   if we show the fear of other its  own face, we will find peace? circling back round to shadow, shadow work, shadow words.   I often wonder who […]

There is no thing that you are that is without holiness, without glory and genius and unspeakable value.  You do not have to choose. You do not have to choose between the animal of your body and the transcendence of your spirit. You do not have to choose between the burning fires of creation and […]